Happy Friday! It’s a cloudy day here in my own little corner, but that’s ok. As soon as I wrote the first sentence a tune from my childhood popped into my head. Funny how that happens.

How very true those words are. When sitting at my farmhouse table I can be a fairy creating whimsical papers. The next day I’m on a romp as a flapper in the 1920s gathering fashions that were all the rage and designing tags. Most days are magical to me when I’m in my own little world of digital designing, playing with paper, and (whispering) needle felting.

My old address book is in a sad state and I’ve been meaning to create something for the addresses I need to keep. My thoughts have been to take an old recipe box, decorate it anew and use an index card for each address. Now I’m pondering creating my own box and using mixed collage to decorate it. If you recall, 2 weeks ago (Friday KISS No.9) the freebie was a template for 3-in x 5-in index cards. This week’s Friday KISS is the companion to index cards, tabbed dividers.

Scissors, brushes in an old canning jar, 3 tabbed dividers, and sheets of uncut tabbed dividers and an old table.

Download Friday KISS No.12 (< click to download)

You will receive 3- 11 in x 8.5 in sheets. Each sheet has 4 tabbed dividers, 3 inches x 5 inches, on it. One sheet with the tab to the left, one with the tab in the middle, and one with the tab to the right. These are outlined templates formatted as PNGs. This allows digital designers to use the template in Photoshop or whatever editing program is used.

Get creative with your tabbed dividers.

A decorated tabbed divider using mixed media to create an aged, vintage look and another divider simply printed on  paper with a cut out circle

The above photo shows 2 tabbed decorated dividers. The bottom divider is a no fuss, no muss way to create. I used 110 lb, off-white card stock and printed the no. 6 paper, from the In the Past paper pack that you can find in my Etsy shop, on the card. Just turn your printed paper over and print the divider outlines on the back side. Add an identifying tag in the tab, if you wish. I cut out a circle and wrote a B on it. Easy-peasy.

My plan is to create a mixed-media aged, vintage look tabbed dividers and alphabetize. Decide how you want your tabbed dividers to look, what paper, ephemera, fussy cuts and colors you want to use. My dividers will all be created from Studio on the Corner’s Nature Notebook Papers. I also used Tim Holtz stencil and stamp along with his Ranger Distress Oxide in black soot and vintage photo Distress Ink. Colors: aquamarine, Tuscan teal, and Flamenco red ( all purchased for a buck each at a big box store)

Directions for a tabbed divider

  1. Using the template, print on 110 lb card stock
  2. Tear up pages from an old book, magazine, whatever works for you and Mod Podge them on to the cut out dividers. This step creates a super sturdy divider. I did this to both sides.
  3. Once you have all the paper attached, give the entire divider a good brushing of Mod Podge on top. Let dry.
  4. Using a dry rag I added acrylic paint to the front of the card by swiping and rubbing.
  5. Adhere torn bits of paper from SotC Nature Notebook using Mod Podge.
  6. Stamp a flower, leaves, or whatever you wish. In the lower right corner I stamped a wild rose and a couple leaves.
  7. Create a layout using a butterfly, ephemera, or whatever you fancy.
  8. After each layer I added acrylic paint where needed.
  9. I stenciled a few gradient dots
  10. I do not like to see any white so I added Distress ink on spots that I thought didn’t look old enough and before it dried I spritzed water on it so the ink would spot and run.
  11. The qwerty A was added and grunged a bit
  12. The last thing I did was dip a fan shaped brush into water, then red acrylic paint and splattered it all over the divider. Voila!

Some of the items/ephemera I used on tabbed divider is not yet available at Studio on the Corner, but it will be along with fun kits for fall, Halloween and every day. So here’s a peek into the future:

Have a lovely weekend!


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