Good morning, crafty friends! I’m a day late, but I come bearing Friday KISS No.14 on Saturday. I spent yesterday with a friend and glad I did! I know, I know…but I didn’t get a KISS to you so let’s do it today and make it extra special.

I am so into YouTube and have long wanted to start a channel of how-tos, listings, and tutorials of the crafting and digital kind. I’ve wondered, does the world really need another YouTube channel on paper crafting and digital designing? I’ve come to the conclusion that while the world may not NEED another crafting channel, I want to give it a try. This is not easy for a somewhat introvert who does not like to ever be in front of a camera so I’ll look at this as hands on tutorials with I hope will turn out to be a bit more. We’ll see. So what does this have to do with Friday KISS No.14? Well. . . you can watch a video I made on how to put the freebie together. It’s short, sweet and most important, easily understood or so I hope.

Friday KISS logo

This week’s Friday KISS No. 14 freebie is an adorable pocket that you create from a 6 inch circle.

You Get. . .

  • 1 sheet with a roughly 6 inch circle, 2 tags and a label
  • 1 patterned paper to print on the back of the sheet with the circle and tags

Download Friday KISS No14 I’ll bet you’re does this work? This question leads me to. . . can’t believe I finally did it!

I’m so excited to announce this! Go ahead! Click on Friday KISS No.14 how-to video and learn how to create a pocket with a couple different places to tuck in a tag, a bookmark, a slim candy bar, a note or letter. Use these multi tuck pockets in journals, planners, cards, or alone as a little gift. So fun!

Old Fashioned School Days journal kit shows papers, clipart and flash cards for paper crafting of all kinds.

The Old-Fashioned School Days kit gives you loads of options from paper to embellishments to flash cards that will create journal pages, planners, cards, collages, mixed media art and whatever your imagination conjures up. You can use for personal projects or commercial endeavors if you’re a one-person show. Be sure to read the full terms of use on Studio on the Corner Etsy shop before using for digital or paper commercial creations. Just click on the Studio on the Corner Etsy shop text above, purchase, download, print, cut and create! So easy.

Time to wrap up this Friday KISS on Saturday. Get your Friday KISS No 14 freebie, take a peek at my first video, grab the Old-Fashioned School Days printable kit, and create with joy!


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