It’s been feeling like fall here in my corner of this wide world. Cooler nights, warm days with subtle hints that fall is nearby. I love it! I have a bit of news. I’m going to be misssing in action for a bit as I embrace and savor each moment I have with my son and his family. I only see them a couple times a year so this is super special! They arrive next week so Friday KISS No.16 will be delayed until September 30th. But for today. . .

Friday KISS logo

It’s simple but super time-saving. French KISS No.15 is a PNG template that is a sheet of large tags. I used an old luggage tag, scanned it and created a large, 2.5 inch wide by 5 inches long tag. One sheet has the solid tags in a cream color and the other are the tags in black outlines. Creating is as easy as printing a pretty paper on one side of card stock and then printing the outlined tags on the other or on top. You’re going to end up with 6 tags that need to be cut out. Punch in a hole add a string or ribbon and you’re good to go. OR. . .

Print on plain paper and embellish with great gusto! OR. . . collage a masterboard and use one tag to create a sturdy tag and trace around it over the masterboard that you’ve all ready created.

OR. . . Upload either sheet of tags into Photoshop and create your very own digital tags. And yes, you may sell them, either as digitals or as physical goodies.

Studio on the Corner Friday KISS 1No.5 DOWNLOAD

The paper freebie has a Halloween vibe and you can use any paper or method to create tags. The bottom line is…have fun creating something fun, something whimsical, something from your imagination.

I must run. There’s so much to do including getting THREE listings into Studio on the Corner Etsy shop before Thursday. Until we meet again, have a lovely time and create with joy!


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