Wonderful Words! Like my passion for paper, words give me great pleasure; reading, writing, saying, hearing and using typography and printed words in paperie projects brings contentment. I wonder, do most people have favorite words? I do! My all-time fave has always been the word. . . L U L L A BY. The way the word rolls off my tongue and between my lips makes me sigh and of course, the connotation brings the sweetest of memories, rocking my babies, cuddling my grandchildren, and the soft lilt of a song meant to hush, soothe, and reassure.

Image of Friday KISS No.18, Wonderful Words along with 2 pages that includes the world "lullaby" from 2 antique dictionaries.

Friday KISS No.18 is a sheet of words because if you’re creating mixed media, junk journals or art journals, collages or any of a thousand paperie projects you cannot have too many words to cut or tear out. The sheet you can download for free is a mixed variety of words mostly encouraging, inspiring, with a smattering of holiday words.


Just download the JPG sheet and print. Cut out each word or do what I prefer, tear them out. Yeah, it takes longer but the look is old, grungy and fun. Don’t forget to ink the edges before adhering the word tag to your paperie project.

Creating collages is so much fun and anything can be collaged….greeting cards, invitations, recipe cards, index cards, and the list goes on. I made a mega invitation card using the printed words as the background on a cereal box cut to size. I borrowed bits and pieces from some of my Etsy listings along with a stamp, a bit of watercolor and an attempt to paint around a small leaf. I always add splatters, runs, and spots because I like how it looks. “We Gather Together” was torn from the sheet and glued to a place card cut in two. Look below to see what was used to create the invitation.

Walk through the fallen leaves rustling them as you go and finding joy in the beauty of fall. Create something that makes your heart sing and have a lovely day/evening!


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