Things have been a bit off kilter for the last 2 months. ACK! I can’t believe it’s been so long! All is well, it’s just that I took an extended trip to Colorado to spend the holidays with my son and his beautiful family. While here I/we came down with one or several of the flu variants racing around the US and bounced the little bugs back and forth. Even through coughs and chills we had the very best holidays we could. Afterall, there’s nothing like the wonder in the eyes of a 5-year-old and the silly joy of a 2-and-a-half-year-old. These memories remain long after. I’m still in the mountains of Colorado but will return to my corner of the world in NW Ohio in a couple weeks. For now, I’ll do my best to stay in touch via blog, Instagram and who knows…perhaps Pinterest. I’m ready to start the new year and have made a few plans for the coming year.

Coming to a corner near you

The Friday KISS fun ended abruptly and it’s time to get back to sharing only this year there will be monthly themes, most of the time. Instead of random offerings a theme will keep your freebies consistent so you can use them together in journals, cards, tags, and all manner of paperie projects. The first Friday KISS for 2023 will be Friday, January 27th with a love & romance theme running through February. Themes for each month are being formed with ideas for crafting. I’m looking forward to sharing freebies each week with anyone and everyone who loves to create from paper.


Last year saw a very brief experiment in the world of YouTube videos. One poorly produced video sits on my Studio on the Corner site. This time away from home has given me the opportunity to do some deep pondering about where I want my little business to go. Dormant is not a word to associate with something loved as much as Studio on the Corner is loved by me so why not share this year’s journey via videos. Yes, I will make videos, yes I will do my best to create videos that are informative and fun. Is this a new year resolution? We’ll see. the 2023 plan is to start sharing videos by the first of February and you’ll be the first to know!

That’s it for today. I’m so glad I stopped by for a few minutes. I’ve missed our visits. Take care and may 2023 bring you much joy, prosperity, peace and love!


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