One of the hardest things in life, at least for me, is saying good-bye.. The tears sting in my eyes, I hug tighter, and send my children and grandchildren off as the world awakes to a new day. Off they go into the dark heading for home in the mountains of Colorado too far from my corner in northwest Ohio. Little pieces of my heart break off each time I kiss the top of a little boy’s head and a wee girl’s cheek with the question, “When will I see you again?” lingering amidst miss-you-already tears. Yes, I spent over 2 months in Colorado with them. Yes, I needed to be home in my own home, my own space creating with love, so here I am.


Because of the change in plans for January I am a week behind with no time to get the Friday KISS to you. I vow that I will be working through the weekend and all next week to bring new listings to Studio on the Corner Etsy shop and a Friday KISS freebie to you February 3rd. I have such plans and goals for 2023, even though I’m getting a late start. Stay tuned and check in a few days for some fun and new places to go, things to do and people to meet.

Now I’m going to say, toodle-loodle-loo and take the rest of the day to draw a deep breath, get a good night’s sleep, and begin tomorrow, filled with excitement, to put Studio on the Corner on the map.

See you soon, dear friends!


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