Oh where have you been? Here, there, no where, and every where. Since November of 2022 I went up the hill to a place high in the Rocky Mountains and stayed for 2 months. Illness crept up and took over my comings and goings for too long. After journeying home with my little dog on my lap that darn bug caught me again and once again determined what I did. Computer problems, printer distress and feeling defeated sunk into my being and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure I could continue. BUT. . . I. L.O.V.E. creating with well-loved and time-worn anything! I have lived with old treasures most of my life and it is part of who I am. How can I not share with this love with others? My way of doing this is to create something new from something old and bringing the past into the present. So here I am…. April peeking from the around the corner and me ready to begin anew. I hope you’ll join me on this journey of paperie penchants.

New on the Corner

I haven’t been completely idle because I simply must create….something. A new package of pages awaits your perusal on Studio on the Corner Etsy shop. The journal pages are in versatile neutral colors of aged beige with black frames adorning each page. The frames were extracted from an old type catalog.

The pages come unlined and lined making them easy to use for embellishing or writing. Add the Vintage Framed pages to any paper project whether it has a theme or not. Take a closer look by clicking on the following link: Vintage Framed Pages

In the works

Ideas pop into my head constantly begging to become a tag, a paper or a kit. I have a journal kit, Cherries Jubilee, nearly ready to be added to Studio on the Corner Etsy shop along with a set of unique papers taken from an 1850s French pattern book.

I’ve all ready begun the next journal kit based on an old English/European custom of informing the bees in your hive when a major life event occurs such as a birth, marriage, and most importantly, a death. It’s a quaint and lovely custom filled with imagination and stories to tell. Bees fascinate me, especially the lovely honeybee and the big fuzzy bumblebee. I worry about the survival of such an important species of creature. You’ll learn more about telling the bees as the project progresses.

A few more on the cusp of becoming a reality are: The Stillroom, based on the “receipts” from old stillrooms that used herbs to create tinctures, tonics, and tisanes. Intwining history and the paperie leavings of those who came before with our paperie aesthetics of today. I really want to do an Alice in Wonderland journal kit, a homespun DIY cookbook, and a journal kit filled with the simple things from the past. That’s quite enough for now!

Now for some bad news. . . many of my early 2023 goals have fallen by the wayside and I am not going to revisit Friday KISS for now. I’ve much catching up to do and need to focus on my Etsy shop that has been lagging due to my lack of attention. I am known to bite off more than I can chew so this time I’m making it less stressful and more reality based as to what can be accomplished.

Until next time, happy creating and . . .

Have a lovely day, my friends.


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