Welcome to Studio on the Corner blog! What began as a whim nearly 10 years ago has morphed into a passion for creating. My aesthetic and inspiration begins with people long since passed that left behind stories. Their possessions, from antique furniture to every day ephemera, draws me in. In my heart I believe that these precious gleanings brings new life to the old. Pages from a dusty, dog-eared book become a journal. Lovely old feed sacks inspire papers to use in projects. Images from a magazine take on new life as tags, greeting cards, and envelopes. With due diligence, I use public domain images from old books, magazines, letters, catalogs, labels and tiny bits of ephemera that survived. Combined with imagination and art by my own hand I strive for unique creations yet always keep in mind that the amazing images I find are the work of talented illustrators from the past too often forgotten. It is to these people, that created comic, serious, and delightful art, that I am forever thankful.

Self-taught, I use Photoshop, sometimes pencils and pens and imagination to create digital papers, pages, junk journal embellishments and kits, envelopes, greeting cards, tags, labels, fussy cuts, recipe cards and dividers, party decor and so much more. Always with a look of aged and time-worn.

Here, I hope you will find inspiration and information in various forms. After much thought, I have decided to sell many of my creations for commercial use (CU) to people who dream of opening their own small business creating and selling lovely digital or paperie items. Please read the faqs on Studio on the Corner Etsy shop for the terms of use. SotC defines small business as:

Small Business – a one-person design business; you are the sole proprietor without others designing for you

I take you at your word, so please be understanding of this small request. I know what it is to try your hardest to get noticed, to work at creating a viable business, to try to be unique and wear all the hats needed for a business. I want to assist you down the path to success.

On a more personal note. . . I am a 60 something lady living a quiet life next to a woods in the nw corner of Ohio. Winston, “my little dog, a heartbeat at my feet” * is my ready assistant sometimes perched on the farmhouse table beside me, often lying under the table. I am proud mom to 2 grown children and 3 beautiful grandchildren call me Mimi. Family, creating, history, nature, and surrounding myself with old things makes me supremely happy. I am an anglophile, enchanted with all things English and was fortunate enough to travel there and explore the countryside. Both the Cotswolds and the Lake District are my favorite places, but Kent, Bath, and London are quite wonderful, too.

If you have any questions or suggestions please send me an email

Have a creative day!