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Greetings! Finally, I’m feeling like my normal self and excited to share a Hallowe’en freebie with you! We all have those special little trick or treaters in our lives whether they’re children, grandchildren, family, or friends; I like to make their treats a little extra festive. Today I’m sharing with you a Friday KISS freebie of 4 pages!

The four pages of the Friday KISS No.16 freebie.

The Hallowe’en Candy Wrapper Kit is a fun way to add a bit more fabulous to your Hallowe’en celebrations. The kit includes:

  • Page 1: 2 candy wrappers that fit KitKat candy bars 1.5 oz (42g) & 9 – 1.25 inch circles
  • Page 2: 9 Bag Toppers
  • Page 3: 9 Tags
  • Page 4: Striped Paper

Now to share a frustration. . . my plan was to create a video on assembling kit, but my printer is on the fritz. I’m getting a lovely lavender color that would be perfect for flowers, but this is black, orange and dark beige. I just replaced the ink and still lavender wants to be the star of the Hallowe’en show sooooo….. no video today. Instead how about a tutorial here.

Create the Wrappers

  • Print as many wrappers as you need using 20 lb paper
  • Cut out wrappers
  • Place the wrapper on the candy bar (the pumpkin should fit perfectly over the top)
  • Secure with double-sided tape or a spot of glue

Create the Bag Toppers

  • Print the bag topper page on heavier card stock, 65 lb works well
  • Cut out each topper and fold in half horizontally
  • You’ll need 3 inch wide cello bags
  • Place the topper over the bag opening
  • You can staple the topper closed or punch 2 holes through the topper and bag. Thread a ribbon or string through the holes and tie closed.

Create the Tags

  • Print the sheet of tags on heavier card stock, 65 lb – 110 lb works well.
  • Cut out the tags
  • Punch a hole in the middle top. Here you can add a reinforcer, a brad or grommet for a bit more interest.
  • Thread a ribbon or string through the hole

Create the Circles

  • The circles were printed on 20 lb paper along with the candy bar wrappers, cut each one out
  • You’ll need a package of 1 to 1.25 inch metal rimmed tags.
  • Place a dot of glue on the backside of a circle and place inside the metal rim of the tag. Press down.

The Striped Paper

Use the striped paper for the back of the sheets to give a finished look to your candy project. You can also use it to create fun treat bags with a gusset or a cookie flat cookie bag. Cut lots of circles and add dots. Make a large accordion circle using about 4 sheets.

Take it to Another Level

  • You can use various sizes of cello bags or even make a bag from the striped paper.
  • Add flair to plain brown paper bags. Print the striped paper on the back of the wrapper/circles page. Cut out the circles and glue them to the bag to create polka dots. Fold the bag over, punch holes into the folded top and lace through ribbon with a metal rimmed circle and tag attached.
  • Use all sizes of cello bags from pretzel bags to small treat bags. Place the topper on, add a tag and a circle.
  • Wrap the candy bar, tie with ribbon like a gift package, and add a circle before tying it in a bow.

The candy kit has so many options and I hope you find that it’s just too much fun adding zing to your Hallowe’en treats! Get your download HERE

You can purchase a larger candy wrapper kit from Studio on the Corner Etsy shop:

Treat Me Mini Candy Wrapper Kit

If you have any questions, suggestions or inspiration please send an email or leave me a message on Etsy. I’ll get back with you.

Have a lovely fall day/evening and always make it with paper!


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