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There are days when the creative juices do not flow. A blank page, screen, or canvas stares back at you waiting. . . waiting for you to pick up your pen, brush, stylist or mouse and begin. You may have several projects started that need to be finished and yet nothing comes to you. So what do you do?

TAKE A WALK Get out into the great outdoors where every sense comes into play. Notice the rust on a wire fence, listen to the chatter of squirrels in the trees above, the musky smell of wet earth, pick up an acorn and feel the textured top and the smooth bulb below, taste a raindrop on your lips.

READ FROM YOUR FAVORITE INSPIRATIONAL BOOK. Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way is my go to. She offers so many ideas for moving forward within a creative life. From her book I began morning pages 20 years ago. Look it up…you may find writing every morning before you do anything except brew a cup of coffee or tea to be so helpful.

Isabel Allende quote with man in the moon image

DO NOTHING Have you ever taken the time to just be? Turn off the phone, the TV, the lap top, and computer. Walk away and find a quiet place to just sit and be. Meditate, if that’s your jam or not, but being still for even a short time can begin to refill your creative well.

TAKE A DAY TRIP Move beyond your studio, workroom, corner or table. Go somewhere with a friend to a place you enjoy or may be out of your comfort zone. My favorite places to go are the Toledo Symphony, a play especially one in which my grandson and/or daughter are involved, sitting and slowly sipping a coffee or tea with a friend at a bistro and finally a day visiting one of the Great Lakes. Water has a way of bringing vast contentment and inspiration to me.

I have tried each of these. One or several usually works, but there are times when the creative block just needs to run its course. Today, I’m taking Isabel Allende’s advice and showing up. The motivation is just not there today but I’m going to soldier on and see what I can accomplish.

What do you do when you have creative block?

Resource: New York Public Library digital Collections

I have a resource to share: The New York Public Library digital collections. Just scroll down through the featured themes and click away. Or you can add a few keywords into the search box. Click on an image and discover details about the image such as who created the image, the year, and if it is in the public domain. You may come across images that are NOT in the public domain… just enjoy the image where it is and if you love it, check back later to see if it is yet in the public domain.

Happy Creating and have a lovely day!


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