How are things in your corner of the world? Here at Studio on the Corner we went from beautiful to too many 80 degree days to snow flurries all day yesterday….tis the season of spring ups and downs. My plate seems to be quite full as I carefully step into a new arena…YouTube. But before that I did a bit of avocado dying.

Of avocados

It was a beautiful day in April. A bright sun, a blue sky, and a pan with the deep red of a simmered avocado peels and seeds dyed envelopes and papers the loveliest shades of pink and peach. The little pink flags, hung on the chain-link fence, waved in a gentle breeze and dried quick as a wink. I have a weakness for those dyed papers. I love the way they feel and the soft crispy sound they make when rifling through them makes up for the stained fingers and nails. Maybe wear gloves next time?

Of Cherries

Then along came cherries. Oh yes, Cherries Jubilee journal/paper kit finally made it back to Studio on the Corner Etsy shop. Several years ago Cherries Jubilee was a digital scrapbook kit meant for scrapbooking using a program like Photoshop Elements. Quite some time ago the shop and I changed direction toward printables and away from digital scrapbooking. I removed the kit to revamp it into a more user-friendly version for journals, greeting cards, planners and such. That was hmmmmm a couple years ago. I just never go to it until this January while in Colorado. Let’s just say the early part of 2023 has not been very productive due to a variety of reasons. The cherry kit was shelved and then (triumphant trumpets blazing) I finished it and listed Cherries Jubilee!

There are 12 pages 9 papers 15 pages of pockets, envelopes, and ephemera. It’s one of my most favorite, annoying packages of goodies I’ve ever created. I made a simple notebook/journal using the pages along with tea and coffee dyed paper, and tissue paper.

Of a big dive

The thought has crossed my mind for quite some time, years actually, that sharing my creations via YouTube might be a good thing. It’s taken me a year of trying to finally get a video up that I’m kind of proud of. Let me list my big dive into creating a YouTube channel and a video. About 8 months ago I put up a video… it was terrible. I forgot to greet people, mention my name or give the name of my shop. I just jumped into the short tutorial. Just to get to that point was quite something. It must have taken at least ten tries….I kept laughing, would use inappropriate language when something didn’t go right and kept messing up the tutorial. Next I had to learn to iMovie. I gave up on that bit and ended up just uploading the video as it was. If you’re in the mood for a bit of a chuckle, you can view: Craft a multi-pocket circle

Soo…last Friday I put up my second YouTube video. It’s a peek into the Vintage Framed Pages that are listed in Studio on the Corner Etsy shop. There’s no talking, just papers falling to the table with a musical background. This would never have happened if it weren’t for friends and family being so encouraging and helping out…thank you Victoria for your lesson on iMovie! I decided the best route was to not talk, keep it simple, and stop being so hard on myself. I have a problem with perfectionism and can get bogged down in the tiniest of details. I expect perfect from no one but myself, which is silly…nothing in this world is perfect and imperfect is absolutely beautiful.

Please take a look, if you have a moment and I’d sure appreciate a like and if you’re so inclined, please subscribe, too! Vintage Framed Pages video

The sun is starting to descend behind the trees across the street, the robins are singing their evening songs, and it’s time for me to wish you adieu. Have a lovely day/evening and always keep creating.


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